Pipeline Rigging Profile

Pipeline Rigging Pty Ltd has set policies in place that are designed to achieve a high standard in respect to the health and safety of all involved in all work areas.

Master Builders

This high standard will be achieved through our Company and all its Team Members working together in a safe environment. This environment shall be free from all unnecessary accidents by complying with all industry agreements and government regulations in conjunction with NSW Work Cover Authority.

WORK Health & Safety Statement

Pipeline Rigging Pty Ltd has set goals and guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all team members and the public in our workplaces.

A comprehensive in-house induction for all staff and employees on the Commonwealth Work Health & Safety Act. This induction informs team members of Pipeline Rigging Pty Ltd policies upon commencement with our Company.

Training for all Team Members to ensure their understanding of potential workplace hazards and safety requirements.

Systems of training and maintenance of equipment in accordance with manufacturers instructions and government regulations to avoid risks to health and safety in the workplace.

Ensure Pipeline Rigging Pty Ltd and team members take reasonable care of the health and safety of others and cooperate with our Company in their efforts to comply with Work Health & Safety requirements and terminate any team member that fails to comply with company policies and endangers the health and safety of fellow members.

Supply all relevant information, instruction, training and supervision necessary to provide a safe work place.

Before work at any new site commences, provide induction on site so that all team members are aware of health and safety issues that affect that site.

Ensure Work Cover tickets and permits to perform tasks where required are current and carried by all team members at all times.

Benefits of Training

Reduced accidents
Safer workplace
Industry as a whole becomes more educated

Familiarity and compliance with WHS Standards
Increased productivity
Potential savings

All employees hold appropriate Workcover tickets and are members of CBUS Superannuation, ACIRT Redundancy and Top Up Insurance Schemes.

We are current members of the Australian Industry Group and Master Builders Association.